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  • Does something like this ( exist for North American plugs?

  • Are there any large FSRs which can give a reading of the position on the sensor where the force is applied, instead of purchasing many individual elements? Or another item which might do a similar thing?

  • What is the difference between a pressure sensor and a force sensing resistor like this one?

  • Please can a datasheet with labelled pins be posted for this or [the linear taper version] ( The one on the dimensional drawing is okay, but frustrating because it's in a different layout to the actual pot, so can easily lead to mistakes. Many folks have requested this, some even several years ago.

  • I would like to make an e-cake, and in it I would embed some LEDs and the LilyPad MP3! The cake could play tunes such as "Happy Birthday", the cake recipient's favourite song, Auld Lang Syne for a New Year's cake etc.