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  • Product COM-12584 | about 2 weeks ago

    This took me a while (several hours) and I completely missed the basics adafruit is for AVR not ARM Processors :( so the timer code is not compatible more information below.

  • Product COM-11906 | about 5 months ago

    One question how bright is this? I cannot find a datasheet … :(

  • Product SEN-11418 | about 2 years ago

    This is so close to what I have been looking for for a long long time but alas it is not, if it had an external trigger per frame or better some way to sync any number of cameras it opens a world of computer vision possibilities. For instance you could easily use OpenCV to stitch the frames together, or do post depth processing. Also I seem to be missing something Hack as in Hackable? Where is the interface?

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