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  • I second the suggestion of going to 1/4 watt resistors. My middle schoolers are fairly heavy handed, and their resistors are looking really sad after 9 weeks of use. I eventually encouraged them to "loosen up" the points on the breadboard with a connector wire before putting in the resistor lead.

    Consider some female connecting wires as well, so you can put a little distance between some of the components and the board. It gets a little crowded to use the flex/softpot/etc while it's stuck in the breadboard. We've also had a heck of a time getting the tactile buttons to stay in the breadboard, even after straightening the legs. One press, and they jump out. Any suggestions before I start soldering headers or hookup wire to them?

    Otherwise, the 3.1 kits have been a real blast for the kids! We've explored discrete circuits as well as the Arduino controlled circuits. I've added a handful of PIR sensors, ultrasonic rangers, hall effect transistors, and infrared transistors to the classroom shared parts box. Soon, I'm going to order a long neopixel strip and cut it into eight-to-ten light segments, add connectors, signal wire resistor, and large capacitor (1000uf) to make them more kid-proof and go further with these kits!

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