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  • Perhaps I'm missing it somewhere, but can you post the PYTHON code used on your video? Or tell me where to find it. I'm struggling with iDigi Dia, and consistently developing code that doesn't fit the 8 MB memory constraint. What I want to do is what you demonstrate (e.g. SMS control of a remote XBEE radio).

  • This is now working for me, though mine too was received a week or two ago with the default baud rate of 115200, and required a reset to 9600, as others have discussed in these comments. I would flatly assume SparkFun is NOT testing these or resetting the baud. I matched the SM5100B's UART pins to a FT232RL (USB TO UART) and reset using the AT+IPR=9600 command from a terminal program. I worked with the SM5100B only to do this, not with the Arduino attached, and then ran some preliminary tests (sending some AT+ commands). Regarding the antenna wiring, it was flimsy and required resoldering, and I too used a dab of hot glue to anchor the antenna cable to the top of the module, as a 'strain relief'. Regarding a SIM card...went to AT&T retail outlet this morning and 10 minutes later left with a SIM. They have a pay as you go plan, in fact several options. The one I'm using is $2 / day for unlimited voice (not interested in that, but it's part of their deal) as well as unlimited SMS text messages. Data is .01 / kb which is pricey, but you can optionally buy 1 MB for $4 or so, as I recall. There are also unlimited plans, but I just want something for experimenting now. Anyway, the SIM worked just fine, and painlessly registered on the AT&T network, which is pretty good where I am (Louisville, KY). NOTE: You cannot for some reason use the SIM from the ATT 'GO' phone. Again, just go to their retail store and tell them you want a SIM. I installed and tested right there in the store using the first sketch from the Arduino Tutorial in the document section above on this page. It booted beautifully. Note that the sales person didn't inquire about the IMEI number. He claims it doesn't matter.

  • Outstanding medley -- not of just music but technology!

  • Hi...well, great minds think alike. I did reinstall the 1.2 firmware early this AM. Downloaded from the site. Still no luck with the GPS.
    Here's the current config. Also, after charging all night, highest battery value I get is 3644. I can send a log file if you like. Thanks, DAP

  • GPS Not Logging...Anyone have any ideas?
    Just rec'd my KinetaMap this afternoon. Isn't logging GPS. Upgraded firmware (1.1.2). Now I have a green flashing light (and clear sky) and log_gps = 1 in config file. Logs accelerations on all axes, but nothing on the GPS side.
    Other info: tried first with legacy firmware...no GPS logging then either, then upgraded firmware.
    Battery currently logging 3375-ish
    Here's config file.

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