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  • Yes adding myIMU. fixes the accelBias issue, but are you sure the sketch is working for you? In my case pitch and roll are working properly, but yaw is not right. (I've been looking into this for days now). I'm wondering if the MPU8250basicAHRS example actually does compensate for the different axes orientation of the magnetometer. There's a comment that mentions it, but I cannot see it is actually coded.

    What's more confusing is their are two different libraries linked from the Sparkfun site and one doesn't even include MPU9250basicAHRS. Anyway using the correct library (based on Kris Winer's work) I now have this working on Uno (except for Yaw) and at a rate of 230Hz!

    If anyone wants a copy of my sketch PM me (ninja2) on arduino form.

    EDIT: looks like my Yaw issue is solved after calibrated the AK8963 magnetometer, see

  • Great product, good price. Here's some feedback on the example sketch (MPU9250basicAHRS) that comes with the library:

    There are several mentions of interrupts in the sketch but this is a bit misleading - the interrupt pin is not used at all ! Just remove all mentions and the intPin - it makes no difference.

    After a few fiddles I managed to get it to compile and it appears to be working OK, but the sketch will not compile when I '#define LCD' unless I comment out the reporting of the three accelBias[ ] values. Not sure what the bug is yet ...

    Lastly when I '#define LCD' the sketch compile fails for UNO as it's way too big. This is largely due to the copious use of lengthy text strings which consume the RAM. I worked up a version with text strings shortened and relocated to PROGMEM using Serial.print(F("string")); and it just fits in the Uno (26500 program, 750 bytes free). It was a lot of fiddly editing but I would happy to share it if anyone wants a copy (and there's a way to share?)

  • RobertC you've stated it's SDXC, but the specs above only say SDHC. Are you sure it's SDXC capable? thanks

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