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  • I guess your servers just got hammered......I felt like this was the online version of some crazy boxing day madness sale. I think I got a virtual elbow to the face and some dude stole my 1.5 pound box out of my hands.......arghh!!!! It was in my cart! IT WAS IN MY CART!!! I guess I have to go find a real dumpster now.

  • Anyone use this with an Xbee? Having an issue when the Xbee transmits a signal, it draws 250ma or so. Very noticible on a scope....you can see the voltage just drop during the transmission. This messes up the idea behind the circuit......which is a temperature sensor. The LM36's require stable voltages to give me a stable reading. The circuit needs to be battery powered, so I love the idea of using this as opposed to a 3.3v voltage regulator. My circuit only needs to transmit every 15 minutes. I am thinking of adding some extra capacitors on the 3.3v output to try to compensate for the drop out.....Any advice?

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