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  • Will this work correctly on circuits converting to 5v? The datasheet has some nice tables, and in every single case recommend no pullups on the A side.

    I think that, for the majority of cases, you need to remove the pullups on the A side.

  • Any tips on getting a snug fit? When I try them I can't the standoffs to actually press against the board so that they don't rattle. As the note says, I carefully tightened the standoffs as much as possible but it was still loose. I tightened more, and it snapped the bolt portion.

  • It would be great to have a water category. I'm working on making an autonomous 1m sailboat and would love to race it.

  • Could you add the physical dimensions to your Edison blocks? This one in particular (the long tongue is undocumented), but also the height for each block.

  • I put a nail through one of these, and it didn't explode... It did get warm enough to slowly boil off water though.

  • They could also use a school email address. That's typically what companies like Digilent do.

  • I don't know why anybody thought that they would have much of a chance to get anything. According to the post, there were ~100K people logging on. Even if it was only $1 off there would still be people who wouldn't get anything.
    As for those who think that it was poorly executed, let me tell you it wasn't. Sparkfun isn't made to take this many visitors at once (10x the normal). To put it in therms that the technically illiterate can understand: imagine you sometimes have 5 family members stay at your house (a brother and his family, maybe). Then imagine that you got 50 people staying over on a night. Just like you, your toilets would be spewing ****.
    If, like me, you didn't get anything then you shouldn't be complaining. Nobody made you participate, it was just your selfishness that made you think you would, and complain about it afterwards.
    Thanks Sparkfun for doing something completely different. I enjoyed the rush.

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