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  • Oh you poor soul ...

  • It is amazing how many of the comments below veer off on a tangent of nubness from not having read this first comment. +stars for you, sir
    It does work with USB->Serial but its a really bad idea :)

  • In no way does that sound like a good idea :D

  • These chips are part of allegro's hall-effect sensor line ... so yes they are going to be sensitive to magnetic fields

    1. Yes, the specifications of the easydriver clearly state current can be limited to the rated current of the motor
    2. Read the specifications of the easydriver and then read the output of the wall adapter. If the wall adapter output falls within the specifications then you can use it :D
  • I am going to live dangerously and use a 3/16 (0.1875 in / 4.7625mm) double wide collar from Ruland (WCL-3-A). I saw grainger USA has 5mm inside diameter collars, but minimum order to Canadian subsidiary is 250 units X_x

  • I find IC hook cables (conveniently sold here and pretty much everywhere) work nicely, then you dont have solder anything until you are good and ready

  • I'd buy the heck out of that :o

  • Well it can do it as long as the slides have nice low friction, tho Z might be an issue
    The motor is the same mounting and shaft size as the smaller (or older) zenbot machines, though you probably wouldn't be able to use it on one and actually mill anything.
    That being said, it is a stepper and you can learn the same mechanics of a very large system by experimenting with these tiny motors for a very low cost. I adore these motors myself ... if you finish that CNC, post some links about it :)
    EDIT: I just tested the motor on my smallest table and it did better than I expected. You will probably be able even to do light engraving with the right setup and most of all you will have fun trying, good luck :D

  • Yes, higher voltage to the motor should charge the coil faster and thus run the driver cooler (faster charging means the gate sourcing the coils is open for less time). V regulator will be hotter tho working harder to make the higher input into 5V

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