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  • What a shame! Reading all these comments it is so apparent that the country is so deeply divided and that division extends to this fine community. The terrorists have indeed won! Now we will have to face more alienation of groups within our country, leading to more radicalization and homegrown terrorism, leading to more authoritarian measures, leading to more division. I think SparkFun's message was that we need to stay united and I applaud them for having the guts to post it.

  • That was it. Works like a charm. Thanks.

    Not being familiar with the Atmel chip, I assumed that the fuse settings were in the HEX files. So I used AVRDUDE to flash the factory fresh CPU chips with the HEX files posted on Github. And as you said the default fuse settings run the CPU at 1MHZ. Programming efuse, lfuse and hfuse with 0x05, 0xff and 0xd6 respectively solved the problem.

    Great work on this product. Thanks again.

  • I setup a prototype using basically the same design and the same components including the Murata 16 MHz resonator. The only difference is that I exposed the ENABLE line of the regulator so that I could shut down the circuit for very low power consumption.

    The SD card interface appears to work fine since I can see that the CONFIG.TXT file is being created. And also being read. However I cannot communicate with it at all via Tx and Rx. All I get are garbled characters. (I use the Config file to set it in command mode on power up). I also noticed that if I remove the SD card, the get the expected 3 LED flashes.... but the flashes are EXTREMELY long and SLOW.

    These two factors tell me that it is a baud rate issue. Probably because the CPU is not running at 16MHz and it is probably running at a slower speed. Or is the chip being overclocked at 16MHz and that's why I am seeing this effect? I don't think I have a defective resonator since two boards are doing same thing.

    How does one get a copy of the source code so I can do some troubleshooting? I searched through the OPENLOG area in github but could not find any place to download the source. I thought I'd try to use the internal oscillator and see if I could get it to talk.


  • Has anyone recently had a problem extracting the files from the "BenF364_LIB353.zip" file? When I try to open the ZIP, I get the message "the compressed (ZIP) folder is invalid or corrupted". I have tried this on several computers as well as using WinZIP. Can anyone post a copy of this file, uncorrupted? Thanks.

  • Thank you

  • Could I get the part number for the 16 MHz Resonator? I am replicating the circuit with the EN line of the regulator exposed and would like to use exactly the same parts for the first run. The Eagle BOM identifies it at Part XTAL-08900 but I can't seem to find this part anywhere on the web site. A digikey, Mouser, or manufacturer part number would be helpful. Thanks.

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