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  • I purchased this for the intent of monitoring I2C communications while also monitoring the output of an I2C DAC on my development board.
    I can hardly capture a single 9-bit 'train' of data on my I2C before I experience aliasing... the buffer on this is non-existant. The I2C decoder? Doesn't work. (I'm on Windows 64-bit if this makes any difference, but this analyzer is a cheap trinket). The $39 Pickit v2's logic analyzer function is superior to the logic analyzer on the MSO-19.
    If your intent is to use this as a logic analyzer, you'll be sorely disappointed as you can't capture a stream of data - as a I said you can only see one train of 9-bits at a time. Purchase something else. If you just want a cheap single-channel USB oscilloscope, there are products in this same price range that offer two-channels.
    Either way, if I could do it again, I would've saved my $249 and purchased something other than the MSO-19. Or saved up more like $600 and bought something from USBee.

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