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  • Woah, so much technology in such a little board. With the ability to play mp3-files in an Arduino-compatible environment I have had three (fantastic!!) ideas within minutes and I am sure there are lots more just waiting to be built.

    a) Make swimming more fun. Swimming is a great workout. While it is not harmful for Joints you have a cooling fluid surrounding your body which means you won't only have sweaty clothes after a few minutes of moving but you also have an included watercooling better than any server has. But while you are being cooled down automatically with all that sweat being diluted away immediately you are bored. No one is swimming exactly the same speed as you are, so there is no one to talk to. TVs don't like water and waterproof headphones or musicplayers restrict your movement. So why not put the LilyPad MP3 in a waterproof case and attach a speaker directly inside the case, attach a rubber band and put that thing on your head. Like a sweatband but only with music (And Bluetooth, everything is better with Bluetooth!!). And why not add a pulse meter. Or an accelerometer. Or both. Or more sensors. The sound will be transferred into your skull and you will hear your music while swimming without any disturbing headphones while the pulsemeter will automatically check your pulse and tell you to slow down if you are going too fast (or maybe call a lifeguard if you were going way too fast).

    b) Wake me up when SWS Pahse ends. We all know how important sleep is. But we all also know that the alarm going at the wrong time can ruin a whole nights sleep. With the LilyPad MP3 attached to some NeoPixels and an accelerometer on the bed or even better a pulse watch at your wrist (of course connected via Bluetooth^^) the LilyPad MP3 will know when it is the best time for you to wake up based on your sleep phase recognized from your movement or your pulse and of course the time (nobody wants to be late). It will then wake you up with the music you love slowly fading into your dreams while the NeoPixels will create a shiny morning light making you feel like were still asleep and dreaming. (Oh, this is about wearables. Then... forget about the NeoPixels and lets sew the LilyPad MP3 and a speaker into your pillow).

    c) Make your workout more efficient For all those who don't like swimming but prefer to go jogging or cycling the LilyPad MP3 will improve the efficency of your training by helping you to keep your heart rate in the most efficient range. We all know that training is not efficient if your heart rate is too fast or too slow. So the LilyPad MP3 will measure your pulse (Bluetooth!!!) and choose from your favourite music stored on the microSD-Card. When you are going too fast the LilyPad MP3 will choose some slow and relaxing music because the beat of the music directly influences the speed at which you are running or cycling and so you will slow down a bit until your heart rate is inside the most efficent range for your training. If you slowed down too much the LilyPad MP3 will select some fast music to get you going.

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