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  • How practical would it be to convert this to a bank system, i.e., instead of removing and adding reels one by one, all the reels could be left sitting in place (fully threaded into their guides and tensioning pulleys ready to go) and the whole assembly that they sit on be unscrewed and removed and a new one with different set of reels (also already threaded up ready to go) could be quickly screwed into place? It's a bit hard to see from the photos how easy this part of the machine could be unscrewed from the rest of the machine and whether the tensioning pulley motor belt can be easily removed so it could remain behind or if that would be part of every bank and unplugged/plugged in each time a bank is swapped? Obviously Charmhigh would then have to individually sell the complete removable bank assembly but I doubt they would mind doing that...

    Being able to swap entire banks at once would allow rapid switching between making different boards with zero chance of mix-up errors which would allow shorter just-in-time production which should appeal to small businesses.

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