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  • I have exactly the same ‘89 F150 truck (actually with the stretch cab) with the same problem!

    My brother in law “gave” it to my wife (we had to pay to get it to pass safety checks in Ontario) and I drove it up from New Brunswick. Half way home it rained and the wipers quit… had to drive an hour or so with no wipers (traffic was very light). When we got back the have worked ever since.

    I did some research and apparently the solder joins in the “black box” have a tendency to fail, probably due to the vibration from releasing the parking break with a “snap”, as it is mounted just above it. I have not actually tried fixing it as they have not failed again and we only use it to tow our boat locally on sunny days.

    Here is the original info I found:

    “There’s a relay in there, and I found the solder joints for the relay on the little circuit board in there had broken. A little solder fixed it right up.”

    Good luck!

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