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  • This board is awesome. The IoT (Internet of Things) is exactly what Intel is describing with this device. Intel has been touting IoT for a while now and it has become a reality in the maker space. Now a maker can create a hardware device and have it connected through the internet. Maybe the only reason I know about the IoT initiative is because of working with printers and copier at an corporate level. IoT is real and everybody should start to look at things as connected. At minimal level, this device gives the ability to have each device to have a web interface to a hardware level. Think about it, simple internet stack connected to a micro-controller. At least that is the way I think about it.

    I am thinking a way to to have lights controlled for every season. I live in a house where they light are changed out every season for halloween through 4th of July. I would love to have the lights just changed from Orange to Red and Green to White to pulsating red white and blue from a simple web interface. How many other projects could use this web interface.

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