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  • Any chance of getting version two of these in stock?

  • Just bought one of these from my local electronics store. Built a simple robot using my Arduino Uno. Here are a few things I noticed.

    1: When using the included nuts + bolts to attach the two motors, two of the nuts are almost impossible to screw on and I had to leave them off.

    2: The two flat headed screws that are used to attach the battery clip to the chassis dig into the side of the battery clip and end up on an angle, It's still possible to attach the battery clip, albeit difficult.

    3: The robot has a tendency to bank to the left. Even on a perfectly flat floor, it banks to the left, quite sharply so sometimes.

    All in all, I would say that this is an alright chassis if you're just starting out with something like this, however, It's quite clear that many parts of it weren't thought out all that well, which leads to difficulties building and controlling it.

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