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  • To get measurable results with this ting, you’d have to take a long transoceanic airplane flight. and you’d need a stationary atomic clock to compare to.

    There used to be an app called “Einstein’s Pedometer” that would calculate this. For a normal subway ride the effect was good for a few ten thousandths of a nanosecond.

  • To compare with a typical application, a single uncompressed NMEA sentence is going to be about 50 chars or 1 “credit” (or ½ kilobyte) so that’s $0.15 and up for 1 position report.

  • [SOLVED] I also found that my older RC-171 module would not associate. After trying innumerable variations of RN-171 settings, I found that the Linksys had a non-default setting for “Basic Rate”; it was set to “Auto”. When I set the Basic Rate to “Default” both RN-171’s would join. With the Linksys set to Basic Rate = “Auto” the RN-171 would only join with the Linksys get to “B-only” Mode. So this problem is obviously specific to the WRT54G2 but may apply to older Wifi routers as well.

    There is still the issue that the “set wlan join” parameters don’t match the documentation but it looks like the RN-171 will connect to a b/g WPA2 network just fine in either WPA2 or “Mixed” setting.

  • Is firmware 4.00.1 FUBAR? I have two of the RN-171’s, one running 4.00.1 and one running 2.32. The 2.32 one will associate without any problems with my venerable WRT54G2 but the 4.00.1 cannot.

    One thing I notice is that the SET WLAN AUTH settings in 4.00.1 are not as documented:

    <4.00> set wlan auth 4
    <4.00> get wlan
    … Auth=MIXED     <- supposed to be WPA-PSK2
    4.00> set wlan auth 3
    <4.00> get wlan
    ...Auth=WPA1       <- Supposed to be "Mixed WPA1 and WPA2-PSK"
    <4.00> set wlan auth 2
    <4.00> get wlan
    … Auth=WPA2       <-- supposed to be WPA1

    No matter what I set wlan auth to, it tries MIXED mode:

    Auto-Assoc CHUM BUCKET chan=4 mode=MIXED SCAN OK
    Joining CHUM BUCKET now..
    Disconn from CHUM BUCKET,AUTH-ERR

    Anybody gotten the new firmware to work with older WPA2 APs? By MIXED, do they mean TKIP+AES auth? I have tried setting the Linksys AP to “AES” vs “TKIP+AES” and no change in behavior.

    The older version RN171 has not trouble associating, I use “set wlan auth 4” on it and it correctly shows WPA2 in get wlan output.

  • Will the camera take decent pictures in bright sunlight without a neutral-density filter?

  • What is battery life, assuming you don’t have the LED on all the time?

  • Brightness? About the same as WS2812?

  • These have a WS2812-equivalent inside so presumably you control them with exactly the same protocol as any WS2812 device, like this one: and its accociated breakout board (except that the led voltage and mcu voltage are tied together as in the 4-pin WS-2812B.)

  • Uou’re probbaly not going to get anything too useful from the raw data, since it’s the frequency that matters. Thus only really reliable values are the computed Attention and Alertness: it’s probably MindWave’s secret sauce in the ASIC that’s computing it from whatever random wave it can pick up from your frontal cortex, then analyzing the frequency spectrum of it. There used to be devices like this you could by to do meditation feedback.

    But IIRC from a few years ago these things were also introduced to pick up eye blinks - is it useful for detecting eye blinks? You could use it to send commands by blinking your eyes….

  • Looks like it was just a matter of signal strength - where my laptop was reporting about -70 dB signal strength, the dongle was reporting over -90. It has a little dinky antenna, so reduced range is expected.