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  • I got it working using the serial access to the 255 MP3s. Great device.

  • Do you know when the WAV Trigger will be available for purchase. I tried buying it today, but there are none in stock.

  • I've written some code in the IDE to monitor ambient energy levels; over the last year I've been able to isolate over 100 or so repeating energy events using the debugging monitor.

    I want to use the trigger card to push audio notifications for when the event(s) occur and then play a computer voice that announces which event level has occured. This application is working and is announcing events using a piezo speaker and a 4 tone varied note melody unique to the event. I want to move it to the next level and have voice responses.

    I would love it if it were possible to use it serially and code it to where when environmental event 137 were to occur that 137event.mp3 could be called and played, then ending in silence until the next event occurred.

    All the example I've seen for the serial method has shown the MP3s played randomly or in order. Is it possible to uniquely call and play individual MP3s and how much of the 128k memory would allow 255 subroutines? :)

  • Thanks again for being here.

  • Using a Arduino 2560 to trigger and power it.

  • Issue: Only triggers 17 & 18 play mp3 files when brought "LOW." I have a self-test run to test that all 1-18 play before void loop() begins and again, only 17 and 18 play during the diag. I remember someone mentioning below about how 17 and 18 are wired directly to the PSoC. What am I missing here?

  • After re're'rereading the user guide I discovered that I had the files named wrong. Track001 instead of 001track. My dyslexie also happens from time to time when working with compound letter groups. Perseverance pays, I can sometimes be a pitbull when it comes to letting go of problems or issues. -LOVE the technology!

  • Been there, done that... Simple described, but simple, it does not. I've touched row 1, pin 1 to row 2 pin 1. Row 1, pin 5 to row 2 pin 5 nothing happens. I'm certain the problem is obvious once I discover it, but I'm bleeding from my eyes and ears trying to put my finger on the problem. I have the unit powered off of the 5v and gnd off of the A, Mega, mini speaker jack has a feed to a small amp. Toggling the roll switch plays the files in sequence. I've rtfm nothing becomes revealed. It s/b as simple as changing the batteries in a tv remote. Is there a wiring diagram for a hard trigger project somewhere or suggestion that I can build from to help me remove this block? I have two units and both are doing the same thing.

  • Just got my 2nd board after thinking I might have fried the first one. I'm powering the unit with an Arduino Mega 5v and gnd. I have 18 songs loaded on the mini SD. The songs play when I move the roll switch. Everything seems to be in place for me to use one of the 18 trigger ports. Is there a way I can test each trigger individually before I hard solder them into place. Can't I just touch two of the contacts and the corresponding file plays?

  • I am having a play quality issue as well. The playback is stuttery' as if it needs a bypass filter or something. I am using the pwrsply from my A-mega board. I'm wondering if it is a power issue?

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