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  • awesome congrats to the winners!

  • hopefully by now you've done some research, would have found there is both an offline IDE available, as well as a node.js command line interface for programming in your favorite IDE and uploading direct via usb.

    as for a 5v version, I should hope not, as most iot equipment is going 3.3v, and a general guiding architectural principle has historically been provide voltage for your industrial systems separate from your controller systems to avoid noise and crosstalk. So that would mean, yes, add the extra wire, twist your comm lines and ground it all right.

  • i was wondering, would this work with the most recent Photon redshield? that looks cool and the pinouts look compatible... just double-checking w the experts.

  • I just got my hands on one of these through some other gracious channels, and I can say that it is quite the cool! I want another!

    One question I have is have you considered making a usb host shield for this device? I have a scenario that could take advantage of that.

  • Love your site, and all the cool stuff you guys do. Just a battery of question for you to choose from :)

    what's new and exciting in the next year? Any big build competitions? What do you think of a kind of Spark Gathering? would you do things that might help local STEM and robotics teams as a sponsor? What do you think about the "Security of things"? how much do you think, as makers, about the security aspects of your builds? would love to hear your thoughts on Edison blocks, When can we haz?

  • ...ok just show this bracelet to the lumberjack and the redneck behind me... this gives you access to the VIP room, please no magic on the dance floor, and remember to tip your servers...

  • unsure if this has been asked, before and I missed it below, but is there a mini version to the USB host shield? I'd like to interface it with an xbee-R shield and a pro mini, and a 360 controller for a quadcopter RC build...conceptually, is that doable? without something so...bulky? :)

  • BTLE and wifi aren't that cheap considering you need to add those to either arduino or a pi, and still require adding a shield in either case. having them packed in makes this much more compact, and a full low power atom chip makes it much more flexible for wearables and connected sensors. using Linux makes it instantly accessbile for remote set and forget applications. I don't see it as acompetitor; just a different board. Intel isn't coming late, in my opinion, they nailed the form factor and the capabilities suite.

  • thanks does help a bit conceptually. My question comes from the scenario where I have 2 devices in serial on the same bus from a wii chuck and motion sensor, and I'm wondering if I'll need to split them or would I be able to address them both off the single board. Assuming that it's sketch compatible, I'm assuming it should as simple as re-factoring the code for the right interface? or is there a new way to handle I2C on these devices with yocto?

  • crazy idea: how about a board to control NXT and EV3 lego gear? would be cool tho. helps to get my kids into this to help with the wife acceptance factor....

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