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  • "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." ~Einstein <br />
    <br />
    Einstein was the heavy-weight champ when it comes to pirating intellectual property...

  • WOW! Awesome job guys, this looks like heaven on Earth. Maybe I'll fly out for next year's events.

  • In lieu of counting on these winnings, I work 20-30 hours a week in a lab while going to school so that I can afford to support my research. Its a small trade-off to pursue what's most important to me. If there's something you really want you have to go get it, never for a second feel entitled to the things you want.
    And if your one of those stock brokers making bank off this economy of ours I hope you sponsor a few of us broke college students trying to make this world a better place.
    P.S. Sparkfun doesn't like long posts.

  • Sparkfun could easily hire an intern panel to handle the sponsorship concept. Many college students would work for little more than some free stuff. If Sparkfun wants to give back to the community, it should give to those who are designing the future of science and technology, not the average joe sniper to pawn around to us.
    The free day concept was huge, its a revolutionary marketing concept. If I had time I'd read that book Nate got the idea from. The author is clearly a genius.
    I tried logging in the night before just to brows products and look for a few new sensors. LOL. I couldn't even get in. I started trying to log in at 8am Eastern and didn't get the main page to load until almost an hour after the kickoff and only $6500 had been claimed. When the login timed out, many times, I gave up and went back to work. An hour later I try logging back in and $99,500 was gone. Interesting.
    It would have been cool to win something but honestly what can you expect. This is possibly the most disgustingly awesome viral marketing campaign in human history.

  • I have to admit, the concept of giving away $100k in free DIY electronics gear is awesome. Period. But I'm not without objections.
    I'm also a student working on a few projects that would have benefited from this giveaway- and almost planned that I would be in the winnings.
    The reality is that it was a no rules free for all where the entire internet came crashing down on Sparkfun. The sad thing is that a lot of gear is going to end up on eBay. The funny thing is this is how a lot of people operate. It was an easy buck with the right sniping software or scripts. Its like the people with the bidding software for eBay that snipe you 30 times in the last 3 seconds of the auction. Its like the major stock brokers moving their trading centers across the hall from wall street with a broadband data link to play the markets. This stuff happens.
    A lot of people feel entitled to a free day for their hard work, support, and loyalty to businesses. Entitlement is the sad joke of the paternalism age, little more, little less.

  • The new servers look awesome and site response does seem better then usual. I was just sending a gift certificate to my brother and typed up a message with several paragraphs and when I previewed it the text went back to block format. Using the back button on your page to insert some HTML erased the message. (Thankfully, the browser's back button brought it back!)
    Maybe some built in HTML support would be nice, or in the spirit of Craigslist keep forcing us to do the work and use our brains a little more!

  • I'd like to know how suitable this sensor would be to capture a range of vibrations from 0-~15kHz. The acceleration of my assembly should not exceed 150g but I'd like to make sure this will suit my needs as many people in my department are nay-saying any sensor that costs less than several thousand dollars. From what I've gained from the data sheet this seems ideal. Now to find a suitable ADC...
    Please see my forum post for a discussion on this topic:

  • I see this ending very poorly for Sun, which is unfortunate considering that I've heard great things about their servers.
    All say "aye" in favor of issuing a Cease and Desist to the "legal" folks in this country. Hoy vey....

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