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  • Also, this is the current generating version, you need the burden resistor. The linked sites are confusing about this.

  • This is fantastic!

    FYI, if you are using this to measure the current in, say, a powerstrip wire, make sure you only clamp around one of the internal power wires, not both. Otherwise, you will read nothing, because while current in one wire is going one direction, the other is going the other direction, canceling each other's effects out. If you look at the picture closely in the link, you'll see this.

    Sparkfun should carry one of these: , so you don't have to cut wires. Obviously it's trivial to make your own, but if you wanted to cut things, you might as well use an invasive sensor.

    Also, on the connector, you want the tip and the sleeve. You can verify this with a multimeter. The orientation does not matter.

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