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  • Well I've tried it, interconnected all the HVGND with the AC ground sides of all the inverters (the AC Wire which has the least resistance with the 12VDC input GND). But after a couple of minutes the Z0103MN's are blowing one after the other...

    Now I'm out of ideas.. such a simple circuit and I don't have any clue of why the triacs are blowing up... Could it be the inverters? Can they be too strong for the triacs? They're normal small inverters for 10m, powered on 12VDC.

  • Hi, I have the same problem. Since the board is used in a costume, sometimes an EL wire causes a short circuit because of moving with the suit. So if one of the 8 channels has a short, the whole costume doesn't work anymore. The boards worked the last 6 months in this configuration. Now to solve this I separated the HV and HVGND of each pair of channels by cutting the traces, and connected 4 inverters. So when one pair of channels has a short, the other 3 pairs remain working. I would think this should work, because there are now 4 separate isolated circuits. But somehow after this modification now some of the triacs are blown after a few seconds/minutes of use! Some are 'always on', some light up erratically. I don't have a clue what could cause this, I have 6 boards and 3 of them have this fenomena. (I'm afraid of further frying the other 3). Now I'm thinking of reconnecting all the HVGND connections, so all the inverters share the same HVGND, maybe this will solve the issue? I'll try this weekend... Or does someone have a clue?

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