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  • Would this work for a 3.3V micro to communicate with a 5V onewire (1wire) device in full powered or parasite power mode? What I'm thinking is a SparkFun Pro RF LoRa running on battery/solar reading up to 40 onewire ds18b20 sensors spread out on 4 inputs. In my experience that number of sensors works best on full powered mode, 5V but unfortunately the commercial sensor strings are setup for parasite power mode so I'm unsure if this level shifter would provide enough pullup to charge the sensors' internal parasite power capacitors. I realize on battery power they will only get vBatt but that's at least a little better then 3.3V.

  • Does anyone have a foolproof way to get the Ublox usb to serial driver working in Windows 7 x64? It works without any effort on my part on my desktop computer but on my laptop I cannot install the correct driver. I've tried Ublox's downloads and countless other forum/blog suggestions. Sometimes it looks good but there's no data.

  • Are IO 2/4/7/8 missing?

  • mindThomas: Great board!
    I've made an Eagle Libary of this board, to use this evaluation board, connected to my own PCB via two female-headers!

    How can I go about getting a copy of your Eagle Library for this board?

  • Access to the GM862 Support Forum requires one to be a Round Solutions customer? Any other suggested support forums?

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