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Teaching Math/Science/Physical Computing at a small school in Ashburn, VA.

  • Good to know Sparkfun survives the zombie apocalypse.

  • I got this working with a Photon. I know it is out of spec but if you provide 3.3V to the driver board instead of 5V it seems to handle 3.3V logic fine.

    I also appreciate the codebender integration into the tutorial. It made testing the boards a snap. -Thanks Shawn!

  • I had issues with the example code. Calling for red gave green and vice versa. The problem only happens when calling colors by name.

    The problem seems to be in calling the NeoPixel class. The example uses NEO_GRB + NEO_KHZ800. But the header file defines all the colors red then green and then blue.

    I'm using the pth version if that makes any difference.

  • Use the following from the hookup guide to temporarily bypass that warning and install anyway.


  • Break away headers don't fit the female headers on this board. The pins make contact but fall out easily. Jumper wires worked perfectly though.