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  • Commanded 5 for a closet application because they are advertised as NO (Normally Open). I wanted to power a LED stipe when the door opens. I assumed that was Normally Open with the magnet beside ! But I was wrong. This switch is closed when magnet is beside it. Sounds more like NC to me !

  • Humm... while I was unplugging the cable after reprogramming, I also ripped off the MicroUSB cable !!! I see the PBC plastic support, no copper traces. Please Sparkfun, use a solid thru hole USB connector on next rev!

    Could it be possible to reprog using an extre FTDI Basic board ?? or even using an wireless XBee ??

  • On mine, the wire order was inverted !!! The LED was at wires 4 and 5 (not 2 and 3 as per PDF).

    It was easy to test, put a 3.3V between wires 2(+) and 3(G) or 4(G) and 5(+). The LED will go on and you will know the wire order.

  • Hi to all,

    It shall be interesting to mention on the product description page that the USB connector is a MicroUSB (NOT MiniUSB like the Arduino Fio DEV-10116).

    Now I need to order that cable and pay again some shipping fees. For now, I'll be unable to recharge the LiPo using this board.

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