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  • All fun and bantor, but seriously; I'm not getting any response as to which class to enter my VTOL in. So, I'm going to enter it in the Multicopter class and lay waste to all the other contestants, and that is totally fine since my design is technically a multicopter. (A multicopter that can fly at 35 m/s.)

  • "... We are also going to create separate classes for fixed wing and quadcopters."

    What! I for one protest! How can we allow such discrimination against those designs that are both multicopter and fixed-wing?

    IMAV 2011 Tilt-Wing


    IAI Panther

    Orange Hawk VTOL

    Peter / foamandtape's X-19


    A lot more VTOLs

    Fight VTOL discrimination! :)


  • I, being one of the young college students inspired by this site, fully support SparkFun. Count my vote here as 10, as I have a few friends who also bring their business here.
    Dear Sun/SPARC: Do what is right. You will ultimately stand accountable for your actions. Rough times do not call for rough treatment.
    SparkFun and fellow supporters: What ever happens, lets make the commitment today to never do this to another company/entity, for how often do people/groups/nations become the very thing that they have sworn to fight against? Stick up for your values now and forever.

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