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  • gravatar cant handle a domain name where I use unique addresses with each site. Thats a fail IMO.

  • Anyone added an LED to this at all? I am assuming that since the chip supports recive that you could send status feedback to the keyfob that an action has happened.

  • these are pretty badly printed - the ink smudges by touching it, so putting it on a phone etc means that its looking like crap the first time you use it, and one on my monitor got smudged just putting it on and smoothing it out.
    They are also a matt finish so I dont know how long they will last on my car, but we shall see...

  • Thanks guys - the xbees will be a real asset to my messing around with arduinos,
    Good to see that 7 other New Zealanders got their orders in as well :)

  • I am probably going to end up spending about $150 or so to make the international fedex worth it.
    Xbees, AVR's (not arduino programmed since thats $1something I can save) resonators, and other random parts I cant get off ebay from HK. Will kickstart a couple of projects that have been awaiting more money.
    Gotta spend all the xmas cash on something better than socks and underwear ;)

  • I second the live mesh option.
    And since you can grant access to others to see folders in your mesh, and its just a windows live account per 5 gigs... well you get the picture... ;)
    Oh, and should be able to get to Wellington to meet up. Will see if I can get a cheap flight, otherwise just drive down from Auckland.

  • T8 is hardly new, but if you have those aweful old T12 tubes they are a worthwhile upgrade. I believe that the lower line voltage in the US is why the old fatty tubes hung on over there - in NZ and AU they havent being around for about 20 years now. T5 is the current king of efficincy if you are sticking with fluorescent, but since its not a direct dropin to the same bulbholders there is not the same ease to retrofit it into old fixtures.
    But one major thing you overlooked is that lots of those old ballasts have PCB's in them. I don't know what it is exactly but I know that it is some nasty stuff that means you have to dispose of the ballasts correctly.

  • Are there any UMTS versions of these going to be available?
    Also can these handle all the connecting to the APN and stuff and just present as a serial port a connection to a remote IP address?

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