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  • I believe it just said "filter to your heart's content". I think they mean you can write in your own filters, local to the IMU or to the host which is reading it. Didn't see anything that specifically mentioned included Kalman filtering algorithms... it just linked to the wikipedia article. Implementing it is up to the user for now.

  • Never mind. Figured it out. Thanks. Stupid question, given that the pull-ups are internal to the ?C.
    Seriously though, this project is gonna' blow all your minds ;-)
    Keep those parts comin', Sparkfun!

  • Are there no pull-ups on a4 and a5? Running into some issues with TWI and would really appreciate a timely clarification on that.
    Incidentally, they're spectacular boards. Really great for embedding into prototypes in the pre-PCB stage.

  • Splendid news for anyone who DIDN'T just spend the last two weeks of their free time hand-soldering CD74HC4067 ICs to your 28-SSOP boards! forehead palm-smack
    Get 'em back in stock ASAP, because my time and the lead is worth more than the price of the breakouts or the shipping. Nice work, guys ;-)

  • Seriously? Do you guys have any idea how much of the last two weeks I spent hand-soldering these CD74HC4067 ICs to your 28-SSOP boards with a 15w P.O.S. RadioShack iron? Clearly not, or you'd be begging to make it up to me. Is there a reason you didn't mention your intention to break these out? It's a spectacular product, but that really is too cruel. =P
    I can't recommend this multiplexer highly enough. Love you guys ;-) Keep up the good work!

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