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  • This was my first AVC after being thwarted in previous years by travel. Overall I had a positive experience with the event. However, if you'll indulge me, I have two suggestions: 1. Do whatever it takes to bring back the air vehicles! Without this, the even is seriously limited. I, and I suspect, many people in your target audience, would sign whatever paperwork you shoved in front of me saying I would in no way hold your company responsible for any injury incurred. There has to be a private lake/area that would gladly host this event. 2. The robot fighting was really cool... if you could force your way in to see it. Please, please, please, put up some displays so people can see what's going on without being forced to be within 20 ft. of the cage... (cough) some of these people don't shower regularly! (cough).

    Barring work or family obligations, I will be there next year regardless of whether my suggestions have been implemented. I think SparkFun is an amazing local company and will continue to support them whenever possible.

    Thanks for reading! Mark Sleeper

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