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  • To be safe - construct interface - 3v output to 5 v system - transistor amplifier - a CMOS chip will switch , whilst output from 5v to 3v - resistor network , voltage divider . Get it working even if badly and slowly - then adjust

  • I had no problems - but then I WAS on Hainan , did have Chinese friend - and he used his chinese credit card , which I repaid on . Took five days Part of problem - the chinese ARE learning english , has to be shipped by container and ""yours"" is a small item . Also the Chinese as all of Far East - absolutly loathe loosing face . YOU have to work around tha

  • Cannot see what the problem is - apart from being nice to look at - dual 0-15v was about £8 at 4 amps - more than enough 7812 / 7805 parralleled , plus a few capacitors and a ramp up circuit to save on in-rush current - probably what fried the disk drives . Apart from looking a little tatty

  • To GhOON

    RoHS - one of the transient implementation . If your project is private - you can use non-RoHs componrents as these on offer/sale within UK . IF the project is for manufacture - start with RoHs - then cannot be wrong

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