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  • I bought one of these on from Adafruit (they put it up one day earlier for order and had cheaper shipping) and have completed the setup and first print. I have been waiting and waiting to make my first printer purchase and so far this has worked very well. I'll make my own statements as to why I bought it to maybe help others sitting on the fence. This is a fairly all-inclusive package from including a nice assortment of hand tools to including accessories that are extra on other printers (the spool holder, the heated bed, etc.) Some have lamented the tiny amount of included filament. I look at this as Lulzbot giving me the option to buy what I want rather than what they decide to give me, but opinions vary. The fact that the entire design is open (https://devel.lulzbot.com/mini) was huge incentive. Even their costed BOM is listed. The all metal hot-end and myriad of filament choices was something I had wanted but not found in another unit in this range. The electrical auto-leveling (evidently designed in cooperation with Sparkfun) seems to be an ingenious solution. I haven't had to touch any adjustments on this thing since it came out of the box. The integrated power supply and electronics (some machines have an external ATX PSU for the heated bed but don't show that in their marketing photos) are also great. Yes the build area may not be the biggest, but the size of this machine is perfect for my space and makes it very portable. Again, opinions will vary but so far I am loving my machine and am glad to pay more for a quality product from a company that seems to espouse the same values as Sparkfun in terms of openness and support. My two cents anyway. Here is a link to a video I took of my very first print. Sorry for the bad quality and lighting but it was hard to keep in focus. http://youtu.be/MThmRpQZ2rk

  • I was in a similar boat and found a great solution from Simpson Strong Tie in the form of a simple kit they sold at Home Depot - http://www.strongtie.com/products/diy/kwb.html

    The nice thing is that it includes all the brackets and screws you need to build a nice bench and even provides a cut list. Changing the dimensions is very easy. The finished project can be seen here:


    Update...I just checked and Home Depot still sells the kit, but only Online or Ship to Store:


  • I will send an email to tech support. Thanks for the prompt reply, and bonus points for having Rat from Pearls Before Swine as your Avatar :-)

  • I bought one these a little while back and just got around to trying it. I plugged a SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 player into my 2008 Unibody MacBook Pro and it initially seemed like it was charging, but in fact the device never mounted as mass storage in the OS nor did it try to charge. I plugged the cable into a USB wall charger and the player seems to be charging now. I'd be happy to try any suggestions for making it work if possible, but I think I will just hold onto this for charging duties for now. I'm fine with that, but usually Sparkfun is really good about acknowledging the limitations of products they sell. Since Sparkfun just made a big post about moving to Github to manage projects not only internally but also with the community, maybe it might be possible to setup a compatibility database that might help track down the true source of the issue? Might be an interesting example of crowd sourcing a problem...

  • Any chance of a fitted enclosure being offered?

  • When will these kits be for sale on the site? I tried to search for them and came up empty...