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  • Perfect
    Good start point for professional.

  • Nothing new in this boards.
    Main keyword for this "buy new".
    New colors, box and market materials.

  • I think that most china maker can write 100 channels. but really not any words about A-GPS (and other). Now i decide design PCB with U-blox G100/200 module and NEO-5 GPS adapter. With ALM-1712 GPS amplifier it's really work with only 1/8 open sky and with A-GPS from U-blox works w/o lost GPS satellite signal. I think desing pcb with arduino compatible pins and also adopt a leaflab maple platform (STM32) - projects on their site has some principal error but not a fatal. GSM/GPS with U-blox design as standard arduino's sizez board and now it complete. Currently work with correct STM32 arduino board. All news and files available at http://akb77.com/g (2-3 days to complete)

  • i use various gps recievers.
    EB-230/EB-270 from transystem - looks like but no docs, no support.
    Also recievers integrated in telit GM862/GE863 - it simplest and fastest way to realize locator/tracker.
    Now i use Telit GE865 (GSM/GRPS) and UBlox NEO-5Q (GPS). PCB dimensions 43 x 23 mm (without GSM antenna and battery). As to antenna i use ceramic but want to try Helix (passive and active to compare accuracy). All shematics and pcb available from htpp://akb77.com/g

  • i publish initial version of Screamer (Windows .NET 2.0, Linux Mono later). Protocol from VB6 version but i havn't XBee device. I use standard bootloader protocol to arduino.

  • Excellent
    i rewrite Screamer-v2 on C#.
    Works fine under Windows and Linux Mono.

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