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  • Hi I am working on your weather station project but i am stuck at the point were the web server should receive data from the station. i have setup the servers on my Raspberry Pi mod B+ as outlined in the document. When i send some data like$,ws=10.0,wd=270,ws2=7.0,wd2=270,gs=25.0,gd=180,gs10=12.0,gd10=270,h=51.0,t=76.8,p=101269.3,r=1.00,dr=5.00,b=4.3,l=2.4,#

    then is get the following error 0) { $fp = fopen(_MAINTENANCE_SIGNAL_FILE, "w") or die("submit failed: cannot open sig file for write\n"); fwrite($fp, "!ok\r\n"); fclose($fp); } return $maintenanceSignal; } function writeInputFile($weatherData) { /* * Write to a file the weather data included in the GET request from the * weather station. This data is formatted into a JSON object before * writing to the file. */ $timeStamp = date("m/d/Y H:i:s"); $fp = fopen(_WEATHER_INPUT_DATA_FILE, "w") or die("submit failed: cannot open input data file for write\n"); $weatherInputData = "[{\"date\":\"$timeStamp\",\"weather\":\"$weatherData\"}]\n"; fwrite($fp, $weatherInputData); fclose($fp); return; } // get data from weather station $weatherData = $_GET['wea']; // write data to JSON file writeInputFile($weatherData); // send the maintenance signal back to the weather station echo getMaintenanceSignal(); ?>

    any idea what i am still missing? Help is app

  • Hi I am struggling a bit with the Agent Code. local sparkfun_publicKey = "dZ4EVmE8yGCRGx5XRX1W"; local sparkfun_privateKey = "privatekey"; What are those codes used for and where can they be generated? Help welcome as i like this great project of a weather station.

  • Hi I am struggling a bit with the Agent code for registering my station. I assume that the bellow keys are used by Sparkfun and should be replaced local sparkfun_publicKey = "dZ4EVmE8yGCRGx5XRX1W"; local sparkfun_privateKey = "privatekey"; Q: what are those keys and where would they be generated? Kind Regards

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