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  • Do not buy this product if you expect or want to be able to use it.

    I purchased around 4 months ago, and have regularly been advised that the hookup guide is due any day, etc...

    I received this response today: "As for Tech support being here to ensure you product is working as expected, that is in way of physical functionality and testing. If you suspect one of your boards is malfunctioning, don't hesitate to let us know. We'll be happy to get it in for factory inspection and testing to ensure that it is operating properly."

    but they cannot tell me how to test the board is working, AMAZING!

  • seems there is no way to attach the Intel Edison to the Base Block? cf Arduino breakout board... nuts and bolts?

  • can the new 5MP camera SEN13249 be used with any other mipi-csi enabled dev-board?** presumably the drivers work on any arm board?

    is there a connector for other dev-boards? a suitable hirose breakout board could be a good start.

    thanks again


    **there are many boards with mipi-csi connectors, but its hard to find camera modules. does it clip into the RPi camera board and work? ie if one clips off the provided sensor... the OV5640 sensor is the same, and the hirose connector looks the same as on the RPi camera board.

  • is there an assembled option with breadboard pins?

    will or can pins be supplied?

  • Product Description above states: All you need to bring to this party is your own IntelĀ® Edison.

    however its unclear to me how power is supplied. Please advise and change Description as necessary.

    I have ordered the Sensor Pack and am now concerned that I need further parts such as Console or Base.

    Please confirm.

  • is the Hookup Guide available?

  • is the Hookup Guide currently available?

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