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  • I've been trying to get this to work with the Fio v3 using SoftwareSerial, but I can't seem to receive data from the OpenLog. I want to leave the Fio's main Serial for debugging over USB, D2 and D3 are used for I2C, Serial1 is used for the attached XBee, so I chose SoftwareSerial on D7 and D8 (RX and TX, respectively, connected to TXO and RXI on the OpenLog, respectively). I chose D7 for the SoftwareSerial RX since I read somewhere that it is the only one able to be used for RX (besides D0, D1, D2, and D3, which I stated were already being used for other purposes). Still, I cannot seem to read data coming from OpenLog, particularly when I'm trying to send it commands while in Command Mode.

    If other have gotten this to work, could you please let me know what you did? Thanks!

  • Is it possible to adjust the modification date generated for each new file on the SD card? As it is, mine always dates files as being modified on Jan 1, 2000.

  • Has anybody tried using this with a Raspberry Pi and Raspian? I'm hoping I can talk to the XBee through some Python code running on the RPi.

  • Any tips on getting the 4.2V for the backlight? A simple voltage divider circuit isn't ideal because the load from the backlight.
    Is 5V gonna kill the backlight?

  • I already found Part 2 on YouTube. :-D

  • I feel like it would be pretty neat if Sparkfun sold a kit equivalent to this shield and that could be built at home. That might even help alleviate the frequency of out of stock manufactured shields or at least appease the masses who really want this shield quickly. I assume this whole device is open-source due to its association with the Arduino, right?

  • I did the same thing (see my comment above), but I still can't seem to get anything to display. 3 of the 4 backlight LEDs still light up when I give them power, but I'm wondering what joints you re-soldered to get it to work again.
    Also, I'm assuming it's okay that there's no diode on my board like there is shown in the product image. I guess other people's boards are coming like that, too?

  • I accidentally (well, intentionally, but stupidly) plugged the LED backlight line directly into 5V when I first got this, and I saw (and smelled) the magic black smoke escape. I believe the black smoke only came from one of the backlight LEDs burning out, because I only notice one of them not working now. The other backlight LEDs still light up okay, but I also now seem to be having trouble getting the display to show anything. I'm just wondering if I could have messed anything else up. It seems like others have had their issues with this display, so I was hoping I maybe had something misconfigured. I'm fairly certain I have the pins assigned properly, but maybe I'll tinker with the contrast. Any recommendations for setting the contrast value?
    I'm using a Teensy 1.0 as a Teensyduino, and everything runs at 5V logic.
    Any ideas, tips, recommendations?