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  • The "sprint car in the corner" actually appears to be a Formula SAE car (http://students.sae.org/competitions/formulaseries/). I am on Auburn University's team and can tell you that anyone interested in race cars or building things should definitely join an FSAE team at their college. I used parts from sparkfun to build a gear position indicator for our car.

  • I used MATLAB to look at the data. One thing interesting that I saw before even trying to decipher the accel data was the variation in sample time. With a sample rate of 59hz there should be roughly 17ms between each reading. But when you graph the variation between sample to sample ( e.g. time(2) - time(1) ) there is a saw tooth like progression of variation between sampling frequency with peak variations of 163ms between samples. I would imagine this would not be very good if you were integrating the data to find velocity or position. Really cool what you guys are doing though. Hoping santa brings me a logomatic this christmas.