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  • Sorry if this is a repost, it didn't appear the first time.

    It seem that I brick two FIos v3 only by programming them via USB. It happened to me on two occasion with two different sketch on two different computer. Once the sketch is uploaded, the Fio doesn't excute anything and it never appear to mount via USB. The first time I blame the USB connector but now it seem to be more MCU related. Beside flashing the booloader via ISCP, is there something else I could try?

  • Hi, I have two Fios v3 that stop mounting USB once I programmed ( flash ) them ( two different program ). It doesn't seem to be the software since uploading them on another board ( Fio ) works fine. It happened on two diffrent computers. It looks like uploading a sketch bricked them since nothing works ( not just USB). Is it something specific to the 32u4 because I never experience something like this on any other arduino board? Beside using ISCP to reflash the MCU, is there something else I could try tro revive those boards?

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