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  • I just wanted to echo the sentiment of using FreeCAD. Sketchup is nice, but is definately not intended for this sort of thing, it is also proprietary software whereas FreeCAD is FOSS.

    FreeCAD has the potential to become the defacto OSHW standard, I would love to see that happen. /$0.02

  • It looks on the website like they were able to mount a different lens http://www.hackhd.com/images/hackhd-3lg.jpg Any info about that? This would be one of the most promising features.

  • you could always compromise:
    also, +1 Cover op-amps next.

  • You addlebrained idiot! You can't even beat a bunch of miserable turtles! I refuse to give you one more iota of my technology until you finish building my new body!

  • that is a lot of comments.
    Please put the test back up, no answers till the end. I wanna see how well I would have done had I had the chance to answer them all...
    I feel better about this year over last year. It seemed fairer in that it wasnt all or none. The quiz is a great idea too. I thought it has the potential to keep away the folks who just want to re-sell. Yet it was not so hard that novices such as myself could answer the questions (if you could get them).
    GJ, thanks for the $40!

  • Damn, I really wanted that power supply. Im certainly pissed I spent 45 minutes pressing F5 to no avail, and was late to work as a result. I am not pissed at Sparkfun though, more like the internets gods.
    Thank you for giving us a chance. Thank you for having a great site for electronics hobbyists.
    I have bought from you in the past and will continue to buy from you in the future, but you'll have to wait till after tax season to get my monies.
    While I can recognize the great publicity generated from this event, maybe next time just do a sale or something... Thats how I was planning on treating it. 30%-50% off and spread over a week would be awesome.

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