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  • What's the typical time for a measurement?

  • Would be great to also stock .5mm => 2.54mm clinchers, if they exist!

  • Who's on first?

  • Once again, Matt tried to impress Alice with his Crab-Fu, and was rejected.

  • No one mentioned Zombie Marie Curie! Though I suppose she'd fit in the "Fictional Character" bucket.

  • Too bad the Cree LEDs aren't rated for reverse bias, or you could use it as a light sensor too. OTOH, they can't be using all the GPIOs, so soldering on a phototransistor should be easy.

  • I agree with all of these - FISI belongs at number 1. Number 3 is sad but true, both sides intuit a bad fit pretty quickly on, fear of acting on it to avoid hurt feelings is expensive for everyone. And good communication is super-critical - today I had to tell the product manager to pick two of the three goals that they'd identified for the release, since this is a short sprint. She wasn't happy, but imagine how she'd have felt at the end of the sprint if I weren't finished, or did a crappy job.

  • Yeah, for just turning lights on and off the dio's on the xbee should work fine. I used the pwm capabilities of the 328 for driving the led strings. The board I designed costs a bit less than an Arduino. I think I will add a few SSR ports though :-)

  • Yeah, the connectport is a high upfront cost, but lets me control all the xbees with a python script. The reduced energy consumption will pay for it in about a year.

    Also, don't get the cheaper rgb strips from dealextreme, the light level is greatly reduced.

    Thanks for the mention!

  • I've had an issue where I've exceeded the flex limit on the charging/power frame section, which seems to disconnect the battery from the power supply. Pressing on C14 lightly will bring the connection back while I'm pressing on it, but going anywhere near the sleep switch is almost guaranteed to break it again.

    Has anyone seen this issue? Is there a trace I can 'blue wire' to fix it? I'll try the Seeed forums too, but there are a lot of awesome people on SF too.