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  • Yeah I think something like an easystar or a UAV loitering in a high orbit around the building would make for some good footage of the vehicles as they race around the building. Just set up an ardupilot with a fixed loiter point of a given radius and put a pan-tilt-zoom camera on the bottom with a feed back to the ground.

  • I gotta say, that burn looked really scrapy, even during the first few seconds. I wonder what chamber pressure and nozzle they're running.

  • Well I was up until 5am for nothing. I understand that it was free stuff but even so it was extremely frustrating, especially when my brother got his order (after I was the one that told him about it) and I didn't.
    I think they definitely should have made the offer available only to customers who had previously purchased something from them (perhaps over a certain value or before the announcement was made) because the whole deal was ruined by leaches from those big deal websites and a lot of actual customers were left struggling in vain.

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