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  • I'd like to add to my comment, while I appreciate the offer, I'm feeling somewhat cheated at the moment. You guys are still my number one pick for parts, I just really wanted that Oscilloscope kit. I noticed that somebody said that Amazon rents servers. That would have been a better idea then buying new ones, and it would have handled the traffic. I'm only upset because I spent two hours on three computers hitting the refresh button, only to see a page 5 times.
    Thanks for the generousity though.

  • your servers couldn't even be called "up." I couldn't log in, let alone navigate to the page of an item I wanted. The only thing I could do was load the main page about once every hour, and even then things didn't load correctly. I've actually been having trouble with the Sparkfun site ever since you got those "new" servers.

  • What kind of battery is in this (voltage, amperage)?

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