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SIK 3.2 parts list

CF 28 items

The 2N2222A transistor is no longer in production but the...

SIK 4.0 parts list.

CF 24 items

Has everything except the Velcro and binder clip. The LCD...

1/10th micro:bit Educator Lab Pack

CF 7 items

Everything in the micro:bit Educator Lab Pack, but just in...

Parts for the Picade demo

CF 6 items

Parts for building a picade demo. The power supply SKU might...

Sewing kit one

CF 38 items

Sample sewing kit for 15 people. One LED, switchable battery...

Sewing kit two

CF 38 items

Sample sewing kit for 15 people. One LED, battery holder,...

Actobotics Starter Kit (The big list)

CF 407 items

Here are a collection of lists, organized roughly by...

Basic e-textiles LED kit

CF 11 items

Some parts suggestions for a E-textile kit. One battery can...

Parts for Nate's bee hive monitor

CF 13 items

Substituted a Particle Photon for the Particle Core since we...

LM317 adjustable power supply parts

CF 6 items

Input voltage must be at least 1.5 volts higher than the...