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  • We don’t, but any standard ATX power supply should work. You can find then in an old computer or at a computer store.

  • Position is a rough estimate provided by the Iridium satellite, not an absolute GPS position. It should be around a kilometer of the actual position though. In Nick’s case, it looks like the Iridium coordinates are about 1.4km north west of Nick’s actual position. You could always include GPS coordinates in your message if you needed more accuracy but even without GPS, this is pretty accurate.

    I’ve not read all the technical documents for this product yet so I don’t know if you can query it for position. I suspect you would need to initiate a data transfer to do so but I could be wrong. As cheap as GPS has become, ($16!) it would be easier to just use that if you need accurate position fixes.

  • Close, but no cigar. The information on this page will get you on track. :-)

  • Here’s a sample of the output:

  • You can’t (easily) unfortunately. A4 and A5 are the only pins that support I2C communication on an Arduino Uno. There are libraries for software I2C for Arduino, but they have limitations. See this link for more information about software I2C.

  • It’s just a ‘quick and dirty’ demo. This is just what was in the spare parts bin so we made do with what was on hand. If this were a permanent installation, we would be using the correct cable!

  • It will fit, but the RS485 Shield will only make contact with the first 26 pins of the 40 pin connector. (Those farthest away from the USB sockets) This way you can use the same board on a older Pi as well as the newer ones. It would have been nice to have stacking connectors, but unfortunately this shield does not have them.

  • There’s Shawn, breaking the laws of physics again. Back to gravity school for you Mr.!

  • Start the reactor!

  • test…