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  • If your project requires a power source other than USB, the Thing Dev Board includes footprints for a 2-pin JST, 2-pin 3.5mm screw terminal, or a simple 0.1"-pitch 2-pin header. You can supply anywhere between 3.3V and 6V into these inputs to power the board.

  • Hit those with some UV light!

  • Unfortunately there is just not enough room on this board to put a switch on the PCB. You can however clear the jumper, and wire your own switch to the 5V, 3.3V and VIO pads beside it. That would allow you to easily change voltage from 5 volt to 3.3 volt with just the flick of a switch.

  • Hi Thomas! A heatsink can be attached to the bottom of the board between the mounting holes if you attach a insulating sil-pad between the board and heatsink. An easier option would be to attach a heatsink like one of these to the top of the square IC in the middle of the board with some thermal adhesive.

  • Not underground. If they are above ground, then yes.

  • CSTCE20M0V53-R0

  • Unfortunately no. A load cell is really just 4 fancy resistors connected in a Wheatstone bridge. They don’t generate any electric current at all.

  • Why is this more expensive as the Arduino Pro Mini 328 for what’s effectively the same thing?

    Mostly because it’s made by Arduino and needs to be shipped from their factory to us before we send it on to you. Every step in the supply chain adds cost to a product. The Pro Mini is made right here at SparkFun so we’re able to charge less for it.

  • A 32u4 would work just as well, and the prototype for this board actually did use a 32u4. As it turns out, the SAMD21 is actually less expensive to use and that’s one of the reasons we went with it over a 32u4. We’re still getting our feet wet with the SAMD21 but expect to see it in more future designs.

    I don’t know if ATMEL is planing on EOL the 32u4 anytime, you’d have to ask them that. I haven’t seen any documentation that hints at it going EOL so it should be safe for the time being.

  • Yes, just click on the ‘Schematic’ link in the product description above.

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