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  • This is awesome! Thanks for posting. :-)

  • This is just a programmer so you’re supposed to remove the chip after you flash your code. The programmer does occupy some of the I/O pins on the chip while it’s in the programmer and I would expect some functions to not work until the chip is removed.

  • With the right driver set up to deliver no more than 400mA per phase, yes you can run these with 24 volts. An Easydriver should do the trick.

  • Yeah, but can you find a floppy that still works!

  • Good catch! Fixed. :-)

  • Fluid never really enters the pump, it always stays in the tubing so the pump itself is probably fine with 210°. The maximum temperature for the Tygon pump tubing is about 165° Fahrenheit though (74°C) so that’s really your limiting factor.

  • Part of what you’re paying for is the software that makes the hardware run. A lot of work goes into making the software easy to use and feature rich.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l91ISfcuzDw

  • Yes,the L233D had plenty of capacity, more than you need for this motor. Happy hacking!

  • Using it with a solar project. It works but the breakout is REALLY BAD DESIGN, imho. The problem is that the board leaks ~1mA through idiotic pull-ups (POL and others). It should not be surprising that this is used in context with very limited power supply. which makes the sloppy design even more embarrassing for Sparkfun. Please please update this!

    The data sheet indicates that pullups are required for proper operation of the LTC4150 and the 3.3K resistors chosen are larger than the minimum required. Unfortunately we cant build a board that works for every customers unique situation but we to try to provide you with information that allows you to tailor a board to your requirements.

    I would suggest swapping R5,R7 and R9 out for larger value resistors to get a lower current drain. 10K’s should work but you might try higher. Alternatively, you could remove those resistors altogether and use internal pullups on your μC if it has that feature.

    If you find a value that works well, let us know. We may incorporate that into a future revision.

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