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  • This will work with a computer, no idea if they work with a smartphone or any phone apps. You'd need to try that on your own and see.

  • Check the data sheet above in the 'documents' section for this information. If you have any other technical questions, please see our Technical Assistance page.

  • Pretty much any 5x20mm fuse you can find is rated for 250VAC. They work just fine on DC though.

  • By putting a twist in the cable, that enables all Qwiic sockets to be universal. Without the twist, you'd need Qwiic IN and Qwiic OUT connector on each board and would need to pay attention to where you were plugging in devices. Plugging an out into another out (or in to another in) and things would break.

  • Our Crimping pliers have been verified to work with the crimp pins on these connectors.

  • How many more pins do you need and where would you put them on a board this size?

  • What you want to do to get around that is have your device pull the WAKE pin high while it's doing it's thing. As long as WAKE is kept high, power will remain on even if the Wake On Shake signals a shutdown. When your device wants to go back to sleep, pull WAKE low and the power will shut off and stay off until shaken again.

    Check the hardware hookup and code sections of our guide for a better explanation how this works.

    If you have any technical questions, our Technical Assistance page will get you to someone that can help answer those for you.

  • Most RFID devices can only read cards. If you're looking at a reader that can also write, the description would say something about having the capability to write to a card.

    This particular module is read only, but there are other modules that can read and write RFID cards.

  • Yep, you got the colors correct. :-) If you need a reference for the future, check our Qwiic landing page for the color codes.

  • No, only one track at a time. If you trigger another track while one is playing, the playing track will stop and the new one will start. If you're looking for something polyphonic, I recommend the WAV Trigger as it can play many tracks at the same time and is super configurable.

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