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  • Hi! Sure, you can mount these to a PCB. The holes are closer together than 1/10" though so you need to space the holes closer together if you want the LED mounted flush to the board. If you’re OK with the LED being ¼ to ½ of an inch above the surface of the board, regular 1/10" spacing would be OK.

  • This thermoelectric cooler will only draw as much current as it needs, up to a maximum of 7 amps. You could connect it to a 12 volt, 1000 amp power supply and it will never draw more than 7 amps.

  • The relay inside is N.O. and that can’t be changed. With no input to the device, the relay will be off. Supplying 3-12 volts to the input will close the relay and turn on your load.

  • There are no pads to solder a barrel jack directly to on this board, but you could connect one with wire to the RAW and GND pins. Check the hookup guide for more details.

  • This is awesome! Thanks for posting. :-)

  • This is just a programmer so you’re supposed to remove the chip after you flash your code. The programmer does occupy some of the I/O pins on the chip while it’s in the programmer and I would expect some functions to not work until the chip is removed.

  • With the right driver set up to deliver no more than 400mA per phase, yes you can run these with 24 volts. An Easydriver should do the trick.

  • Yeah, but can you find a floppy that still works!

  • Good catch! Fixed. :-)

  • Fluid never really enters the pump, it always stays in the tubing so the pump itself is probably fine with 210°. The maximum temperature for the Tygon pump tubing is about 165° Fahrenheit though (74°C) so that’s really your limiting factor.

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