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  • It’s not floating.

    If you check the schematic you will see that it’s pulled high by default through a 4.7K resistor. There’s also a jumper on the board that allows you to set it high or low manually, or if you leave it high you can externally pull it low through the SDO pin on the edge of the board.

  • JST connectors come in a ton of different sizes and types. As long as your connectors are 1mm JST-SH series connectors, they should fit these sockets.

  • Any place that would fire me for a prank like this is a place I don’t want to be working in anyway. They’d be doing me a favor!

  • We don’t carry just the board unfortunately, but if you send our Eagle files over to our friends at OSH Park, they can make you three un-populated boards for about $4.00.

  • It does, but only at the very bottom of it’s operational range. Check the 4th page of the data sheet for a chart with the details.

  • It’s actually there to prevent this exact problem! With the resistor in place, the gate is pulled low (off) all the time. When the Lilypad pulls pin 3 high, (on) the Lilypad overcomes the weak grounding effect the resistor presents and th MOSFET turns on.

    MOSFETs are so sensitive that any stray static electricity in the air can trigger them so we use the resistor to ‘ground’ any static charge that may be nearby and keep the MOSFET off until we want to turn it on.

  • Hello! Most charges are meant to be used with a larger battery than these. You need a charger that can be set for 100mA charging. We carry one that will work with this battery called the Adjustable LiPo Charger. Just set the DIP switch for 100 and you should be all set.

  • No, the decoding is done by a HD radio processor chip that has a CODEC for decrypting the HD stream you’re receiving. They have to pay a license fee to iBiquity (the folks that own the HD radio CODEC) to make the chip, and chip manufacturer then pass that fee onto anyone that buys the decoder chip. You end up paying the fee when you buy the chip.

  • That extra 0.02GW is for the maintenance facility for the time machines, but I can’t go into that without risking getting into trouble. ;-)

  • We do have a replacement! Have a look at the Hakko FX888D Soldering Station. It’s even better than the 937b.

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