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  • Bring what kind of Arduino board ?

  • Smoked it ! Probably Static Zap. I apparently did the same thing.
    The lights just flash in unison and the PC never finds the usb serial port. Its not a driver problem since other FTDI devices are working just fine.
    If there is a reset, I don't know about it.

  • Something broke.
    ...not to worry. We've logged this error and will be looking into it.
    getting this an awful lot tonight....

  • Yea, fun book, but realise that the Titan 4 was still using less than 1 Mips in the 1990's
    Also note that the Surveyor Landers did the same job, before Apollo, with no computer, just a few timers! (and similar radar, gyros, photocells, rockets, and communications)
    The Surveyor return missions and precision landings were cancelled since Apollo was flying.

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