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  • good luck all!!!

  • I 4th or 5th the decision to get Canada onboard this wagon as soon as possible... Addressing the requests for links and descriptions in the marketplace, what I usually do is make the PCB and have a project with the parts required on mouser so that when I need to get something made, I just order that project...If I had a degree in electrical engineering (which I am pursuing by the way) I would request Sparkfun if I can open up a brach here in Calgary, AB Canada...that would make things sooo much more awesome, it would also cut the time ti takes for orders to reach here...

  • I just ordered the LCD controller for this LCD from the link I posted above. I will receive it soon (Finland to Canada) I also ordered an LCD and a touchscreen to go with it from the author of the controller. E-Mail him if you want more info or just go to his site
    I will get back to you guys once I have everything ready...

  • Hey guys, I know that everybody is looking for a controller to use with this sucker and I found this:
    I haven't posted there, but if anyone could confirm the functionality of this...

  • where can i get a screen controller for this?

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