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  • Would it be possible to purchase the SparkFun SAMD21 Mini Breakout with such UF2 bootloader on it? So we, the users, can start at your step 2 ... dropping circuitpython on it? Or, which guide do you recommend to follow to get the SparkFun SAMD21 Mini Breakout flashed with an uptodate and working UF2 bootloader?

  • You are making a good point: Support for SAMD21 is build in CircuitPython, yet not in Micropython. So it is possible for you to add SAMD21 support, yet you decided to add it to CircuitPython and not to MicroPython. That is a perfect example of the problem you have created by starting CircuitPython. These type of decisions will be made more and more. Adafruit paid developers will always favor CircuitPython right? It is rather clear: Adafruit does not have a problem using MicroPython work for Adafruits' own commercial benefit. All credits given by Adafruit to makers of MicroPython are mostly perceived as highly hypocritical. You are giving him all the praise imaginable, while at the same time you are simply stealing his work and taking away the momentum from MicroPython. Nice job Adafruit.

  • Nice to see we're on the same page. About the link...sorry I must have overlooked it in the Documents tab, my bad. Looking forward to the new developments! Thanks!

  • Elias, this is great work. Thanks a million. Perhaps in future you could add support for micropython? I really dislike the CircuitPython flavor, because it actually hijacks micropython and makes it adafruit specific. Why did Adafruit not simply support MicroPython? I hope SparkFun will add support for their boards to MicroPython so the sparkfun fans are not obligated to actually use Adafruit stuff if we want to go python. The link to the github repo for the sparkfun samd21 mini breakout is: I will use your documentation and do the UF2 thing ... again, thanks sofar!

  • MicroPython? Not the copied circuitpython ... please? Sparkfun?

  • Nice and informative writeup Rob, thanks! Having some of the basics explained like this, surely will safe me a lot of time ;-) And .. three cheers for using the MicroPython codebase ( and not some other derivative python flavor ...

  • Does the RedBoard Turbo come with MicroPython preloaded? How can the MicroPython version be upgraded to the latest version?

  • What would be the procedure to get MicroPython on the Sparkfun SAMD21 Mini Breakout boards? Can that be included in this document? I would like to have these boards working with MicroPython in the same way it works on the pyboard, ie... seeing a drive in windows, be able to use the repl interface and program it by simply updating python files .....

  • Perhaps for future versions of the lumidrive ... some additional digital pins would be great, my project would need about 10 of them...

  • For me it is very useful this product uses the same layout as the pro micro! More pins are available on other boards, but those are ... other boards.

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