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  • Zombies might keep a messy office but damn do they keep their test leads organized!

  • I have to say the most exciting Block for the Intel Edison has to be the OLED block.

    I say this because with it you have a very simple and creative way to have a physical interface with your Edison block. From it you can use it to simulate sensors for a yet to be completed project, create interface to interact with your program, troubleshoot problems when code doesn't seem to work the way you would like or just make fancy things pop up on the screen.

    I would find it hard to do any project without having the OLED screen!

  • ..."As can be clearly noted from the following image, the claws of the Christmas crabs are purely ornamental and are used during their festive dance in hopes to attract mates."

  • The ProtoShield looks great all decked out in RED, looks so streamline, and you can't beat the price! I feel I picked this one because I don't want the poor little guy to be left out!

  • With there being no "flying" at AVC, Luigi had a lot of rework to get the Blue Shell ready....

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