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  • I am currently using this with a Tian. I am having issues connecting to the board (kinda).

    Since I am unable to use the SoftwareSerial with the Tian, I created an additional Uart using pins 4 and 5. I then used the Serial Pass Through example and was able to connect to the reader using the Universal Reader Assistant. I verified the firmware to be and was able to read tags without an issue.

    Next I used the Example2_Read_EPC that comes in the library. I end up getting the message "Module failed to respond. Please check wiring." Well I know its not the wiring, I was able to use the Uart I muxed to talk to the reader through URA. So, I proceeded to enable debugging with the nano and got strange behavior.

    When in debug mode and leaving the nano baud rate at 38400, I see 2 time out messages and failure. However, if I change the baud rate to 115200, I see multiple messages go back and forth and and it is successful. I then disabled debugging, and it fails with the previous error message.

    Is there an update that needs to take place with the code that was provided in the tutorial, or does anyone have any idea as to what could possibly be causing this?

  • Sparkfun, take this thing out of circulation. I purchased this not knowing this was the bastard child of a feud between some of the original founders of Arduino. Looks like is now absorbed back under the umbrella (all the way back in July) and can't find ANY support forums on this. doesn't have any threads, so if they don't have them by now they probably never support it. Right out of the box from you guys none of the Bridge functionality to pass data between the micro and linux side works (100% why people would buy this). The Linino site does not look active at all and the downloads section has been down for days. Cool, I bought a linux machine that has a microcontroller on it that can't talk to each other.

  • Just received this, and I am unable to get any of the Bridge examples to work. Has anyone had any luck without having to work magic? The sketch freezes at Bridge.begin() and the all the solutions that pertain to the Yun do not seem to fix it.

  • Will someone at Sparkfun come out and just answer the questions about these boards and the Pro models? I have 2 900 MHz modules, are these going to work or not. The regulated boards sure didn't.

  • Is this the board I need to program my XBee 900?

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