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  • Quite frankly, this is why I love you Sparkfun. Engineering is a fickle field. You teach the things that others withhold, and the world is better for it. Learning Electrical CAD is hard. Having guides and references like this is the difference between others getting after it, or giving up.

  • I'm super excited by this!! Now I can add in Bluetooth functionality to my Nixie Tube Watch :)

    I'm stoked on the camera addition to help learn how to do the machine learning too, I added a MEMS microphone so I can (hopefully) do voice commands to this watch too.

  • This can handle 5V too right? (in the event I am using this only with other 5V devices). The datasheet leads me to believe yes, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks for making this! Especially with the Qwiic style connectors