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  • I am going to start working on this (time and money permitting).

    Since I don't have much hardware to mess around with, it will be mostly software and simulations. I will reply again if I make any progress.

  • For extra points, maybe try and get the copper to drop out of solution and reuse it somehow?

    Would it be possible to make a liquid that can instantly coat something in copper when another chemical is added? Instant copper-plating would be a cool way to reuse the copper. you could even use it to put copper on the substrate, right?

  • The time and effort required, as well as the tools and the stuff ups that will happen at the start, make it a bit less useful than you would think.

    Unless it is a small beginner tutorial type project or some thing that is quick and dirty and you want to transfer from a breadboard, it is better to just get it made for you. There are some really cheap services, sparkfun even had one of their own at one point, so it isn't prohibitivly expensive or anything.

  • A 3d printer would be a bit over the top and probably not worth trying. The methods listed here would be far better. In saying that, I would be interested to see what would happen purely for curiosity sake. By the way, I would be careful with your acids. I don't assume that you don't know what you are talking about but you should make sure the etchants won't attack the plastic.

  • It just occurred to me that the way you were doing it was to just send the web page to the phone and have it all client-side with only the score being sent back to the server at the end. The way I was thinking you could do it would need the server to be a bit more active, similar to a server for a multiplayer game, but I don't have a clue how many connections the Edison can reliably handle.

    The way I was thinking you could do it would be more server sided. The players phones would report their locations to the server and the server would process the hit detection. That way the positions only need to be sent to the server, not broadcast to every other phone. For the triangulation, I was thinking that you would have a few little boxes spread around the room that simply reported the location straight back to the server rather than go through the phones. The server would then know where phones are located at all times and the phones wouldn't need to worry about the position of other phones around them.

    Now I am going to have to try and make a prototype. Restless nights and banging my head against incomplete documentation is incoming.

    This might not be a very good explanation so sorry about that.

  • If you wanted to tear your eyes out in frustration, you could use the sensor packages in the phones to get orientation and use the phone as the gun and the target.

    from the "gyro" you can find where the phone is aiming. the only other thing you would need is a way to find position.

    Could you do something with multiple bluetooth ap's that simply report the strength of a device from it and then use some sort of triangulation to find the actual position? Another way might be to put an IR LED on the phone that transmits a unique "code" and then have a few IR sensors around the place to detect it, almost like how IR Head tracking works but for position only. Then you can use the phones sensors to find orientation and with a bit of programming magic, you can detect if there would be a hit.

  • With the way you wrote the last part of that note, how many drinks did you already have before writing it?

  • P&P Spare parts! But what if something on the machine breaks and you already sold all the spare parts?!

  • The little icon says that there is some in stock. Can't find any way to buy it???

  • So these act sort of like resistors, right? In that case, is the temperature proportional to the power (watts) or does it have some other strange behavior such as the voltage controlling the temperature and the current controlling the speed that it heats?

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