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  • You can't trust the new guy - I told him not to activate this robot before I got the ear attached!

  • It may have cost him a horn from his helmet, but that's one less engineer coming in and demanding a prototype "yesterday". Now, where was he in the parts count?

  • "...if you're the lucky person that minute, you'll win a $100 gift code."

    Hmmm, $200,000 with one lucky person winning $100 each minute = 33 1/3 hours...

    So, "Free 1.388 Days" ??

  • What happened to the egg?

  • The Antimov contest is intended to go against the typical robot contest where a single robot fights a problem, wins, and survives. Instead, a single robot fails and self-destructs.
    That's not quite the opposite: how about multiple robots that get in each others' way, fail and self-destruct (think Keystone Kops).
    For example, consider a group of cardboard-box fire-fighting robots, each equipped with an aerosol hair-spray can, gathered around a lit candle. Individuals could provide more than one robot, or multiple contestants could join in a melee or "last man burning" round.
    Also, the victory shouldn't always go to the strongest;
    extra points should be awarded for using rubber-band motors or candle-powered steam engines (a steam-punk robot contest?)

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