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  • Pleeeeasse sell another 5v igniter!

  • Err, how do I make a cable for this?

  • I would totally be down for a Sparkfun brick and mortar store. Not only would it be a store, but it would be an environment where people of all ages could come and work on their projects. There would be a bunch of workstations with tools (and computer maybe?) at each one that are free to use. I always find myself making several different orders from Sparkfun while working on a project because I never think things through completely. Having a store and a workshop in the same place would = $$$BIG$$$ for Sparkfun. =)

  • Gah, I want one!

  • Is that an inlet and an outlet on the pump? I'm trying to figure out how I might turn this is an actual, mini, floor vacuum.

  • I will do that. Thank you.

  • So far I'm liking the product. However, the battery pack seems to be a dud. I have to wiggle the cord about to get the power to turn on, which means the RedBot will shut on and off intermittently. This wasn't a huge problem, but it meant that I had to go to Radioshack, pick up a battery pack (which does not have an attached barrel plug) and solder material to create another battery pack. I went with this kit precisely so I wouldn't have to fumble around with anything. So, for me at least, I was slightly dissapointed because of the battery pack. With that being said, I'm satisfied with everything else.

    Edit: SparkFun shipped me a new battery pack for free. I have one more comment: I think it would be awesome if future versions of this kit came with double (or more?) female jumper wires. There are only enough to use the provided hardware.

  • So, if the Sparkfun Liquid Pump won't be compatable with this, can anyone recommend what kind of pump will work? I want to automatically water three plants through about 8 feet of hosing. Therefore, I would need a sufficient pump and a solenoid valve for each plant.

  • I just purchased the Inventor's Kit and I would like to get rolling!

    Do I need any other components (that aren't already included in the Inventor's Kit) to get the Magician Chassis to function (e.g. motor drivers, bridges, shields, diodes, transistors, etc.)?

    If someone could help me, that would be awesome. I would really like to purchase this.

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